Tabel-Edabriz™ cherry rootstock

Cherry Tree Rootstocks

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A French cherry rootstock. Tabel Edabriz™ is a clone of Prunus cerasus from Iran selected as a dwarfing rootstock for sweet cherries by INRA and Ctifl (France) in 1988.


The size of sweet cherry trees grafted on Tabel Edabriz™ is about 55 to 70% compared to Maxma® 14.

Plant and rootstock performance

Production starts very early, with the first fruit in the 3rd year and full production by the 7th year.
Fruit size may be reduced if cropping is excessive, especially with highly productive varieties.
These varieties require specific techniques to reduce the crop load, such as removal of a proportion of the spurs.
Good growing conditions, such as deep soils and regular irrigation, are also key to successful production.