Supporter® (PI 80 Supporter 4) Dwarfing apple rootstock

Supporter® (PI 80 Supporter 4) Dwarfing


Precocity: Similar to M26.
Productivity: competitive with M26, more yield efficient than M26 in some German trials.
Support usually recommended for young orchards and reported to be better anchored than M26.
Moderate to excellent hardiness reported.
Light burrknots, stoolbed performance excellent, perhaps the best. No virus hypersensitivities noted.
PI-80 may become a strong competitor with M26.
Orchard trials have shown PI-80 to be as productive as M26 or better, but it is easier to propagate in the stoolbed.
Extensive testing and now planting in Europe has generated strong interest in this rootstock.
(Information based on overseas data).

Commercial or trial status



Reports vary, but PI-80 is usually reported to impart slightly more vigor on the scion than M26.


M9 x M4


Light suckering.