SMS 16 cherry


SMS 16 is an outstanding, highly productive cherry. It is performing from Kingsburg, CA to various regions in Washington, USA. So far nothing troublesome with the variety. Fruit are firm enough for export. Some rain tolerance.

While self-fertile, SMS 16 will benefit from cross-pollination using other early varieties such as SMS1, Brooks, Tulare or Chelan. As the variety is evaluated further, additional pollination information will be provided.



Ripens a between Chelan and Bing. With a rest breaking agent it can harvest with Brooks.


Productive like Sweetheart.

Fruit size

Very large fruit, double the size of Chelan, many cherries are in the 32-36mm size range.

Fruit shape

Uniform shape.

Stem Length

Long stem.


Good shine on the skin.


Exceptional taste.

Pollinator Notes

Self-fertile (see comments)