Sharpe 03-01 stone fruit rootstock

Fruit tree variety from ANFIC

A USA Clonal plum rootstock for peach

Commercial or trial status
Test list

Sharpe rootstock has been jointly released by the USDA (Byron Georgia USA) and the Florida Agricultural Experimental Station.

Prunus angustifolia x unknown plum species
Potential use as a semi-dwarf rootstock for peach
Clonal plum hybrid rootstock for peach varieties

Improved resistance to Armillaria root rot compared to peach seedling type rootstocks.
Peach varieties budded onto Sharpe show potential resistance to peach tree short life (PTSL) compared to trees budded onto peach seedling rootstock.
Potential use as a semi-dwarf rootstock for peach in which a less vigorous tree is preferred making it suitable for higher density plantings.
Shows tolerance to root knot nematode.