Santa Clara raspberry

This new low chill raspberry variety is being assessed at trial sites in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.
The first trials commenced in 2019.

Commercial or trial status



Santo Domingo – Chile, 2010 (Coho x P.08.05.2)


It is a primocane variety, with semi-erect growth habit, and an average height of 1.85m in the shoot of the season. It presents abundant development of side shoots of medium size on primocanes and floricanes. Fruiting takes place along the shoot. Both the floricane and the primocane show an average density of thorns. It is a productive variety.


Flowering on the floricane begins in early November, and the harvest period lasts two months, from late November to late January. In the case of the primocane, differentiation begins in January and the harvest period may last 3 to 4 months, from mid-February to May.


It has a very good appearance, and is trapezoidal in shape, with small drupelets. It is medium sized, reaching an average weight of 4.1g during the season, with a maximum weight of 6.2g. It is easily detached from the receptacle and has medium firmness.