Pyro Dwarf pear rootstock

Test variety

Commercial or trial status

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A German pear rootstock (Geisenheim Research Station, Geisenheim, Germany in 1980).
Pedigree: ?Old Home? x ?Bonne Luis d?Avranches?.
Patent name: ?Rhenus1?.


Low vigour

Plant and rootstock performance

High precocity and yield efficiency with fruit in 2-3 years.
Uniform fruit size.
Good compatibility with all varieties.
Good anchorage.
High frost hardiness.
No lime-induced chlorosis on high pH soils.
Starts bearing in the 2nd leaf.
Produces a tree about 50% smaller than OHxF 97.
Has moderate resistance to fireblight.
Trees on Pyrodwarf seem to shut down earlier and form fruit buds not the shoot tips.


No sucker development.