Pomelit pumello

South African citrus variety, possible hybrid of SE Asian origin.


Variable internal pink flesh colour development in southern Australia. May be better suited to high heat unit accumulation regions of northern Australia to achieve flame red flesh colour. Very large fruit size on young trees. Weak branch structure can cause significant splitting of trunks and limbs like most pummelo’s. Fruit at Dareton, NSW was produced on grafted trees with an understock of citrange, and had an average yield per tree of 46.1 kg.

Commercial or trial status

Under Evaluation


10.6° Brix,


Low acid pummelo, sweet late in season, 'chewy' segment walls, less coarse texture than most other pummelos. Average seed number per fruit 2.3 (seedless away from other pummelos). Fruit weight 642g. Average diameter 120mm.


Smooth, green to light yellow thin skin but without blush in southern Australia. Average rind thickness 10.7mm.


Pink to red flesh colour. 39% juice. Acid 1.15%, Brix/acid ratio 9.2.