Pink Belle (PLFOG99 cv.) apple

Tree royalty only
Pinkabelle Apple Variety ANFIC


Tree size 2m high x 1m wide (up to 3,300 trees/ha).
No training, trellising, bending, tying, cincturing or spreading required.
Third leaf tree yields averaged 11kg per tree; sixth leaf tree yields averaged 30kg per tree. Some trees produced 45kg of fruit.

2008 Postharvest Storage & Packing Summary:
Pink Belle fruit was harvested from the orchard of Terry and Dianne Fogliani (Kirup, Western Australia) late in the 2nd week of Pink Lady 2008 harvest season (May, 2008).
The fruit was harvested a little late for great postharvest storage but the fruit out of cold storage did very well.
Fruit from cold storage (4 months) had an overall high percentage of well coloured pink fruit attaining 10-20% higher percentage of pink skin colour than standard Pink Lady™ but was still a bi-coloured apple.
The pink skin colour was very good quality.
Fruit finish was also very good with no mottling or hammering of the surface and very low greasiness considering the fruit was harvested from high N trees.
Packout % = 80% Grade 1 fruit from more than 5 tonnes of fruit.
Fruit pressure after storage was 7.4kg and sugars 14.3° Brix (100 fruit sample).

Commercial or trial status

Commercial orchard sales only

Maturity Season



Export quality fruit.