Penta cv. (Prunus Empyrean 2) stone fruit rootstock

Fruit tree variety from ANFIC

Exclusive to ANFIC
Commercial or trial status

ISF Rome Italy

A selected seedling of Prunus domestica
Imperial Epineuse' trees produced on Empyrean 2 are reported 15% less vigorous than on peach seedling.
Compatible with peach, plum, almond and apricot.
Adaptation to soil or climatic conditions
Resistant to heavy, wet soils; high pH; nematodes, and many others. Penta is better adapted to heavy soils than peach seedlings.

Trees budded to Penta are well anchored, more vigorous and higher yielding than trees budded on peach seedling.
Good compatibility with almond and plum cvs tested.
Penta is the same size as GF677.
Resistant to Verticillium and Phytophthora resistant. Resistant to root-knot nematode.
Plant starts slow and trees look semi-dwarf for first four years.
Trees will become vigorous after four years (stronger than seedling).
The yield efficiency looks good at this time. This is looking very good on problem sites.
(Information based on overseas data).