MCT1 Macadamia



MCT1, is a compact hardy tree, very precocious, highly productive, with 42 – 50 % kernel recovery, good quality kernel and no known flaws. MCT1 is protected under the Plant Breeder Rights Act (PBR# 2017/095) and has been licensed to a number of reputable nurseries, with trees available from Spring 2018. Contact the ANFIC office if you are interested in becoming a registered sub-licensee for this variety.


MCT1 is a variety of Macadamia integrifolia is owned by owned by the Macadamia Conservation Trust. It was selected from a seedling progeny trial planted in 1982. Its origin is from the northern distribution of M. integrifolia and it has distinct genetic markers.

Fruit size

Husk is very thin, the nut-in-shell (NIS) is medium to slightly large.

Fruit shape

The kernel is uniform, attractive and slightly flattened.


MCT1 is very precocious as it flowers and produces a commercial crop after Year 3. Most nuts are held singularly or in small clusters. Nut fall pattern is middle to slightly late [May to August in Gympie]. The percentage of whole kernel is towards the high range of industry varieties. Pre-germination has not been observed.