Maxma® 14 semi-dwarf cherry rootstock

Fruit tree variety from ANFIC

Commercial or trial status
Related Rootstocks

This hybrid rootstock is a result of a cross between Mazzard and Mahaleb (Ma x Ma).

Maxma® 14 is rated in vigour as 20-25% more dwarfing than Mahaleb (vigour between Colt and GiSelA 6 rootstocks).
Plant and rootstock performance

Maxma® 14 is compatible with most cherry varieties, quite precocious and productive.
It is considered to be one of the leading rootstocks in use in Europe.
Abundant root system with good anchorage.
Maxma® 14 rootstock is tolerant to wet soils and is resistant to iron chlorosis.
Tolerant to Pseudomonas, moderately sensitive to Phytophthora, resistant to nematodes.

Very low suckering.