Maluma Hass avocado



Maluma Hass is an early maturing, triangular shaped, thrifty upright growing tree with a natural central leader and lateral branching allowing for good light penetration and high productivity.
It is precocious (early bearing), with a high and constant bearing pattern. It annually outperforms Hass (plant density of 400 trees/ha) on production and income.
Productive without the use of growth retardants/plant growth regulators with a substantial saving in production costs.
Suitable for high-density plantings. Maluma Hass has a better count distribution than Hass. Flower type ”A”.


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A South African avocado variety.


An early maturing variety which can successfully extend the Hass season by one month.

Fruit size

Fruit is slightly larger than Hass.


Rich, nutty taste.