Krymsk™ 86 (Kuban 86 cv.) stone fruit rootstock

Fruit tree variety from ANFIC

Peach, plum, apricot and possibly almond rootstock

Exclusive to ANFIC
Commercial or trial status

Krasnodar region of Russia

A true Prunus persica x Prunus cerasifera hybrid.
Vigour similar to Lovell.
Compatible with peach, plum and possibly apricot. Also reported to be compatible with almond. Compatibility of peach with the advantages of plum rootstocks.
Adaptation to soil or climatic conditions
Has very good adaptation to may soil types and soil problems.

Good choice for replant sites. Susceptible to root-knot nematodes. Highly resistant to Lesion nematode. Should replace Marianna plum rootstock.
Looks very exciting in USA trials so far. Trees look precocious and yield efficient. Possible low chill. Good compatibility with everything.
Very vigorous root system when established; similar to peach for tree size; very resistant to stress eg high pH soils, wet soils; tolerates salt, asphyxia; root anchorage excellent; 1 year old hardwood cuttings have roots like cables; roots mine for water and nutrients well; no difference seen if grown in good soils.
Wet sites for almonds in California are doing very well on Kuban 86 (used Marianna but incompatibility).
(Based on overseas information).