Krymsk™ 7 (L-2 cv.) cherry rootstock

Fruit tree rootstock variety from ANFIC

The Krymsk™ Cherry rootstocks are similar in vigour to other semi-dwarfing cherry rootstocks.

Key advantages are:

  • More stress tolerant than other semi-dwarfing rootstocks (heat/low humidity, difficult soils and poor growing conditions). More disease tolerant eg Pseudomonas and crown gall.
  • Krymsk™ rootstocks perform well in Bakersfield, California which is a difficult cherry growing area.
  • Fruit size is the same as on semi-dwarfing and Mazzard rootstocks.
  • Currently selling 250,000 trees each per year of Krymsk™ 5 and 6 in the USA. Some of the largest WA, USA growers are now only planting Krymsk™ cherry rootstocks and nothing else.
  • Minor disadvantages include:
  • Krymsk™ 5 and 6 are virus sensitive so virus-free budwood is required. (Krymsk™ 7 is not virus sensitive).
  • The Krymsk™ rootstocks have moderate suckering which should not be a problem for growers.

(Based on overseas observations).

Krymsk 5 (VSL-2 cv. A) 90% size of F12/1

KRYMSK 6 (LC-52 cv.A) 75% size of F12/1

KRYMSK 7 (L-2 cv.A) 100% size of F12/1

Commercial or trial status

Prunus lannesiana

Good fruit size and firmness.
Krymsk™ 7 (L-2 cv.)is 100% the size of F12/1.
Plant and rootstock performance

Compatible with sweet and sour cherries. Smooth graft union. Good adaptation to cold climates. Very precocious with high yields. Excellent tree form with wide crotch angles. No crown gall observed. Resistant to wet soils. Tolerant of dry soil conditions. Not sensitive to Prunus ringspot or Prunus Dwarf Virus.