Krymsk™ 1 (VVA-1 cv.) stone fruit rootstock

Fruit tree variety from ANFIC

Peach, plum, apricot rootstock

Exclusive to ANFIC
Commercial or trial status

Krasnodar region of Russia

A hybrid of P. tomentosa x P. cerasifera compatible with peach, plum and apricot, reported dwarfing.
Dwarfing: approx. 50% of standard. Requires good irrigation practices or the trees will be very dwarf.
Peach, plum, apricot rootstock
Adaptation to soil or climatic conditions
Cold tolerant. Drought tolerant. Waterlogging tolerant. The rootstock is adaptable to many soil types including heavy soil.

Is looking very good in trials for peach, plum, nectarine, and apricots.
Fruit size is very good, better than Lovell on young trees. Good yield efficiency.
It does not resist stress well and can have a problem with transplant shock if not handled well.
Seems susceptible to Pseudomonas.
Some incompatibilities are reported in Spain with low chill nectarines. We have never seen any incompatibilities.
Trial results:
USA: 4-5 years of observations in California; + compatability; ++ enhancement of fruit size; compatible with Elegant Lady but not Fairtime; + suckers; apricots have a good balance of renewal growth; 10% more vigorous than Torinel and other apricot rootstocks; larger fruit of Japanese plums compared to Citation; strong point for plums.
Holland: Main strength of Krymsk 1 is with plums; Holland has 14 years data; 60% of full tree size; increased fruit size; less dwarf with plum than peach; works great with flowering plums; could be the best apricot rootstock, check compatibility but it occurs early; a large % of Czech varieties are okay; susceptible to bacterial canker (although never seen in the field); some resistance to nematodes.