Geneva® (G) 16 Dwarfing apple rootstock

Cornell University, USA. (Ottawa 3 x Malus floribunda)
Geneva® G 16 Dwarfing


Virtually immune to fire blight, highly tolerant of Phytophthora, not resistant to woolly aphid, some tolerance to replant disease.
Excellent performance in stool beds.
Produces a large nursery tree.
First 2 years growth vigorous but cropping moderates vigour.
Winter hardy but susceptible to early winter freezes as it grows late.
Very sensitive to some latent viruses in scion wood, so scion wood must be virus-free.
G16 shows high yield efficiency (similar to M9) and does not produce burrknots or suckers.
Planting at 2000 – 4000 trees/ha.
(Information based on overseas data).

Commercial or trial status

Test list


Growth and vigour similar to vigorous M9 clones (Nic29 or Pajam2).