Geneva® (CG) 935 Dwarfing apple rootstock

Cornell University and USDA (Ottawa 3 x Robusta 5).
Geneva® G 935 (CG 5935) Dwarfing


Good stool bed propagation.
Most productive and precocious semi-dwarf Geneva apple rootstock available.
Similar efficiency to M9, excellent fruit size, wide crotch angles, produces few burr knots, winter hardy.
Highly resistant to fire blight and Phytophthora, not resistant to woolly aphid. Good replant rootstock and for weak varieties.
Good for organic production.
Produces a free standing tree but often high crop loads require a support system.
Is best suited to moderate tree densities with a minimal support system or with high planting densities of spur type scions.
Plant at densities of 1500 – 2500 trees/ha.
(Information based on overseas data).

Commercial or trial status

Test list


Semi-dwarfing, slightly larger than M26.


Produces few suckers.