DCA FOX 11 pear rootstock

Exclusive to ANFIC (Test variety)

Commercial or trial status

Test list


An Italian pear rootstockPyrus communis


Medium-low, slightly higher than BA29 but slightly lower than Fox16.

Plant and rootstock performance

Plant description: Leaves: Small, green oval-obovate shaped leaves, stem length is medium, stipule is long and narrow, incision of margin is bluntly serrate. Shoot: bark colour is brown-red. Lenticels are small, medium density. Vegetative buds: Small and conical. Root system: Anchorage is good, root growth – low in nursery. Care should be taken at planting because a medium to low root system is usually developed in the nursery. Best propagation system: In vitro. Affinity: Very good with the most common Pyrus communis cultivars (Bartlett, Beurre Bosc, Abbe Fetel, Conference).Lime tolerance: High.Influence of cultivar behaviour:Shoot renewal: good.Productivity: good.This rootstock is suitable for lime soil with high pH. The highest density suggested is around 2000-2500 trees/ha. Summer pruning and shoot bending are required to enhance early bearing of the trees.


Sucker activity: Very low.