About PlantNet

PlantNet® is an innovative company established in 2006, when its parent company, ANFIC, was fast filling its stables of imported fruiting plants. With a limited outlet to commercialise everything ANFIC imported, we decided to provide home gardeners with the opportunity to access some of the best fruit varieties and rootstocks from Australia and around the world.

PlantNet® has an important focus on dwarf fruit trees through our Backyard Beauties™ range for the home gardener, which can be used in confined spaces in pots or tubs. PlantNet® is a national company made up of four core member nurseries, and coordinates the propagation, marketing, promotion, and sale of both new and current products we have available.

Since its’ inception in 2006, PlantNet® has broadened it’s range available to home gardeners with several new lines, including Cherry Celebration®, an innovative range of dwarf self-pollinating cherries; Signature Collection®, including exceptional ornamental trees with disease resistance or improved colour and flowers; Tropical Sensations®, a range of low chill peach and nectarine trees suitable for warmer climates of QLD, Northern NSW, and WA; and Backyard Boosters™, a range of fruit trees with exceptional health qualities!

Some of the most popular and well known PlantNet® products include Blueberry Burst®, Pinkabelle® apple, Leprechaun™ apple, Monty’s Surprise® Apple, Angel Peach™, and A-Okay Plum™.

PlantNet® has a huge network of retail nurseries stocking our products in every state of Australia. Home gardeners and retail nurseries looking to stock PlantNet® products should visit the PlantNet® website below.



PlantNet® New Releases

2022 New Releases – Midnight Velvet™ and Red Velvet™ Pomegranates

2023 New Releases – Summer Crunch® Pears

Ordering PlantNet® Products for Retail

Enquiries and orders must be placed directly with PlantNet® nurseries. Please find your closest PlantNet® nursery to contact below:

Balhannah Nurseries (SA) – Deciduous fruit trees and ornamentals, citrus, blueberries, and more.

JFT Nurseries (VIC) – Deciduous fruit trees and ornamentals, citrus, blueberries, and more.

Narromine Transplants (NSW) – Blueberries, Figs, Pomegranates.

Olea Nurseries (WA) – Deciduous fruit trees (including low chill) and ornamentals, citrus, blueberries, and more.

Ausplant Nurseries (QLD) – Low chill stone fruit, blueberries, figs.

Flemings QLD – Low chill stone fruit, figs.