Grower Information

How to order trees from an ANFIC nursery or sub-licensee

ANFIC nurseries only propagate trees to order. To ensure secure access to trees, you should contact a nursery to place a pre-order for a specific type and number of rootstocks (if you have a preference).

Contact an ANFIC nursery to discuss ordering your trees.

Please refer to the ANFIC Varieties page for information on individual varieties and rootstocks or contact the ANFIC office to discuss varieties most suited to your region.

You can also check our list of Excess Tree Stock or contact ANFIC or the individual nurseries directly to enquire about any late availability of tree varieties.

Tree orders

Tree orders (especially large numbers) should be placed well ahead of expected tree delivery as outlined below:

  • Springbud stone fruit: order before October/November 2023 for tree delivery in 2024.
  • Two year-old apples, pears and stone fruit: order before February/March 2023 for tree delivery in 2024.
  • Evergreen fruit tree orders (avocado, citrus, macadamia trees): should be placed as early as possible to ensure access to your rootstock of choice as trees take 18 months to two years from time of ordering to delivery. Please contact one of the ANFIC sub-licensed nurseries to place an order.

Please Note: ANFIC nurseries only sell finished trees, we do not supply rootstocks alone to growers for grafting.

Non-Propagation Agreements

Growers are required to sign an ANFIC Non-Propagation Agreement prior to taking delivery of ANFIC managed tree varieties. 


The nursery will advise you if a tree variety has a royalty or you can contact the ANFIC office (there may be a royalty on the tree only or there may also be a fruit production royalty for some varieties).

Tree prices

ANFIC nurseries determine their own tree prices (separate to any tree royalty that may be applicable) and payment terms.

Refer to Maturity, Pollination and Technical Charts for suggested trial work to identify the best pollinator/s for your area.