Dr Gavin Porter, ANFIC CEO

As the CEO of ANFIC, let me assure you that we are united and committed in our role to protect all fruit varieties and rootstocks we manage across Australia. We are also committed to ensuring fairness, not only to our member nurseries, but to the Australian fruit industry as a whole.

In line with our obligations, we have had to recently enforce our IP rights on various nurseries and growers concerning the unauthorised propagation, sale and supply of Krymsk 5 (VSL-2 cv.) Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) protected cherry rootstocks in Victoria and Tasmania. Some of these protected rootstocks had also been field grafted to PBR protected and ANFIC managed cherry varieties.

As an industry leader, ANFIC has become the first Australian Intellectual Property & Commercialisation company to partner with technology company Oritain. We have heavily invested in the use of Oritain’s origin fingerprinting technology as part of this investigation into the unauthorised propagation, supply and planting of these PBR protected rootstocks. Oritain’s scientific verification proved invaluable in tracing plant material back to its source and enforcing any wrongdoing…

Published on the Australian Tree Crop website.