About Us

The Australian Nurserymen's Fruit Improvement Company (ANFIC)

ANFIC is a national company made up of ten progressive nursery members. The company was formed in 1983 and is registered in all states of Australia.

As an Intellectual Property (IP) Management and Commercialisation company, ANFIC is focused on the development and management of fruit varieties for industry. Our goal is to identify and develop commercial opportunities for new fruit varieties and rootstocks that will assist growers to develop, expand and obtain a greater share of the Australian and global fresh fruit markets.

ANFIC also provides independent IP Management and Commercialisation services in Australia for many owner/breeders from around the world.

ANFIC is the Australian member of the Associated International Group of Nurseries (AIGN), which was the first international group in the world (having formed in 1988) to manage Intellectual Property rights and commercialization on behalf of plant breeders. As the Australian member of AIGN, ANFIC is the exclusive propagator of the Prevar® apple and pear varieties in Australia.

"Access to new varieties is not enough. The value lies in the ability to leverage intellectual knowledge associated with new varieties, and the ability to gain commercial traction in terms of market acceptance, retail support and critical mass."

Ordering Trees

More information can be found on the Grower Information page.

Home Gardeners

Home gardeners can purchase blueberries, ornamental and fruit trees from the PlantNet website.

The ANFIC Team

Rachael Clark

Executive Assistant

Mr. Tony Filippi

ANFIC Industry Development Officer