Welcome to ANFIC

Commercialisation, IP Protection and Propagation

ANFIC is a not-for-profit company providing Intellectual Property (IP) Management, protection and commercialisation services for plant owner/breeders worldwide. Our focus is to provide the best new varieties to commercial growers in Australia.

Import agent

ANFIC can act on your behalf to import and evaluate new fruit tree varieties and root stocks.

New Variety Management

ANFIC specialises in the management of new varieties for breeders including field trials, IP Management, collection of royalties and grower contracts.

Tree Access

The ANFIC tree varieties listed on this website are only available to commercial growers. Our member nurseries sell only finished trees, we do not supply root stocks alone for grafting.

Home gardeners can purchase blueberries, ornamental and fruit trees from our associated retail company on the PlantNet website.