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ANFIC - Orcharding for the future

ANFIC has developed into an IP Management and Commercialisation company focused upon fruit and related activities. In order to manage this focus, ANFIC is pursuing the following objectives:

    • To undertake, promote and further the improvement, import and export of fruit varieties and rootstocks to the horticultural industry;
    • To promote ANFIC as an Australian leader in the development and commercialisation of new fruit varieties and rootstocks;
    • Provide Australian fruit growers with the opportunity to have ready access to all new varieties and rootstocks;
    • Endeavour to provide the tools, through new fruit varieties and rootstocks, to assist Australian growers to achieve a sustainable return in the fruit growing and related horticulture industries in Australia; and
    • Enable Australian growers to develop, expand and obtain a greater share of the Australian and global fresh fruit markets.

It has been written …“Access to new varieties is not enough. The value lies in the ability to leverage intellectual knowledge associated with new varieties, and the ability to gain commercial traction in terms of market acceptance, retail support and critical mass”

ANFIC remains a not-for-profit Company which can provide independent IP Management and Commercialisation for many owner/breeders from around the world.



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